Here are some common questions prospective Franchisees ask us. For more detailed information, contact us directly.

Do you offer financing?

We do offer assistance with financing options. Check out What We Provide for more information. Need even more info? Contact a franchise recruitment specialist at
1-866-640-3339 or by email at

Do you assist with location selection?

We do offer assistance with location selection, including studies of traffic flow, parking availability and permits. For more information, click here.

How much does it cost to open a Mary Brown's?

Mary Brown’s is a turnkey opportunity, starting at $550,000 (excluding taxes). For more information, click here.

Is Mary Brown’s a member of the CFA (Canadian Franchise Association)?

Mary Brown’s has been an award-winning member of the CFA for over 35 years and is a seven-time consecutive winner of the CFA Franchisees’ Choice award - one of only a small number of franchises that can make that claim. We are also a Food Service and Hospitality Magazine’s top 100 honouree.

What makes Mary Brown’s so special?

Our Made Fresh from Scratch Chicken, hand-cut Taters and incredible Big Mary Sandwiches make our Guests come back time and again. Our Chicken is prepared fresh daily-in store using our own proprietary cooking method, secret marinade and spice blend, and our Taters are cooked to golden perfection. 

Do I have to use Mary Brown’s suppliers?

Yes, our suppliers are carefully selected to ensure optimal quality, competitive pricing and reliable service.

What differentiates Mary Brown’s from its competitors?

No one can replicate Mary Brown’s plump, juicy Chicken. First, we use our own specially manufactured cookers that make perfect chicken every time. Our unique batter and breading, along with our special marinade, provide a consistent, great taste. Our Chicken is fresh Canada Grade A and our Taters are hand cut daily in store. We’re dedicated to a memorable and welcoming experience for all our Guests. When you combine all of these great factors, it’s no wonder people choose Mary Brown’s. The only missing ingredient right now, is you! For more information on what makes us successful click here.