Privacy Policy: Privacy Law information

We are providing this information to you in compliance with Canadian privacy law. Please read this sheet carefully and retain it for your reference.

In January 2004, privacy law came into effect in most of the provinces of Canada which will have an impact on standard business transactions and relationships with lenders, investors, vendors and purchasers among others. The law, which is entitled the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”), requires individuals, partnerships, corporations and other “organizations” to adhere to 10 principles of fair information management when collecting, using and disclosing information about an identifiable individual (“personal information”) in the course of commercial activities.

Among the requirements imposed on organizations by PIPEDA are the requirements to:

  • identify the purposes for which organizations collect, use and disclose personal information.
  • obtain consent to the collection, use and disclosure of an individual’s personal information.
  • limit the collection, use, disclosure and retention of personal information to that which is necessary for the purposes identified by organizations and authorized by individuals.

The purposes for which we collect and use personal information and a description of the organizations to which we may disclose personal information are documented on your Application. We also obtain consent to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information on your Application.

If you authorize us to collect your personal information, we will provide you with access to that information on your request. If you believe that your personal information on record with us is inaccurate or incomplete, we will investigate and make any corrections or additions to the information that our investigation demonstrates are necessary.

For more information about our privacy policy and practices, information about any personal information relating to you that we have on record, access to your personal information held by us or to make an inquiry or request an investigation into the accuracy of completeness of personal information held by us, please contact Mary Brown’s Inc. at 905-513-0044 or by email to